Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Baby Ballerina

Sienna has always been my tiny dancer and I knew that we would have to enroll her in some sort of dance class when she was ready. Fortunately, we found a ballet class in our area for her age group! She started when she was twenty months and has loved every minute of it since!

The class allows me to get some much needed alone time in with her since those opportunities are very far and few between these days! When Daniel was smaller I would bring him in the carrier, but now he's a little big and more active. At first the class was sort of a big cluster full of two year olds laying across the floor and moms twirling around trying to get their daughters to follow, but now the girls all seem to do well with all of the dances. They even have a recital at the end of the year! I is probably a stretch for a two year old to be in a recital, but the way I see it is if she never wants to dance again, then at least I will have some cute photos to show her prom date when she's older ;)

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