Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Mustache You A Question...Will You Be my Valentine?

I love February :) There is so much love to go around this month and I need to get going with my Valentine's Day baking, crafts/valentines, and gift for the hubby and kids! I went ahead and started to browse through some cute outfits for the kiddos so i thought I would create some style boards. There are insane amounts of cute clothes out there for babies and toddlers that it can actually be a little dangerous. The good thing is, most of them can be worn year round whereas with the other holidays the cute outfits expire once the holiday is over...well at least in public :) How cute is this milk mustache shirt above?? It's from a cute shop, birthday couture, on Etsy! I will definitely be ordering something from there soon...
Here are some of the cute finds for baby boys...I am just loving all the mustache/Valentine's combos:
skull shoes // tee //i heart pjs // heart mustache pjs //heart throb tee
And these were some of my favorite pieces for the little girls! Sienna actually has the heart tee from H&M: 
heart jeans // headband // tulle skirt // wristlet // heart tee

Now I need to go dream up my mommy must-haves for Valentine's Day ;)

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