Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite Roll Dog...B.O.B


Bob is my favorite roll dog, my PIC (partner in crime), my jogger from another mother. If you haven't caught on yet, BOB is my double stroller. We technically still own the single one as well, but I go back and forth everyday on whether I should sell it or not. For those of you not familiar with BOB strollers they are what I believe to be one of the best jogging/everyday strollers out there!

Before Sienna was born I spent MONTHS researching what type of stroller we should get. I went back and forth daily and in the end I chose the single BOB Revolution knowing if I didn't get it I would regret it.

I looove having the option to jog with the BOB and that was one of the main selling points for me! Not to mention all the reviews I read from BOB owners who said they had been through a million strollers and wished they would have just started out with the BOB. So when I got pregnant with Daniel, I knew I had to upgrade to the BOB Duallie!

It's a great stroller to use for the beach, theme parks, and even the malls! There's one downside and that is the size...it's definitely not a lightweight stroller and people look at me like I'm crazy when I attempt to go through a single door, but it fits! Sometime it takes me two tries, but we always make it through. You also aren't going to be fitting through many clothing racks, but the way I see it is most double strollers won't anyway!

BOB is now a cherished member of our family! I'm not gonna lie, I've had some moments of doubt while I had passersby offer me help as I tried to stuff a giant double stroller into my small VW trunk (Which is now why I am stuck driving Danny's SUV)! But in the end of the day nothing beats being able to exercise with my babies in tow!

I actually just started the Ease into 5k app for the fifth time time in five years! Let's see if I can get past the first week this time ;-)

Anyone else had any luck with this app?? Or better yet this app while using your Bob stroller??

*As many times as I mentioned BOB this is not a sponsored post :) I have the BOB Revolution SE and BOB Duallie. I would recommend buying them off Amazon for the best price around!


  1. Torn on whether to splurge on a double BOB when baby no. 2 comes! Are there good deals on used ones??

    1. Hey Devon! I went to look at one Duallie used and the $400 they were asking was not worth it for all the wear and tear it had (rust on the bolts too) so we went new on Amazon! They do hold up really well and have a great resale value!