Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank You Target Dollar Spot!

Today I had to make a minor pit stop to the beloved Target to pick up some Pedialyte because my entire family (except for me...fingers crossed) has been bit by the stomach bug! I've never experienced something like this before and hopefully never will anytime soon so I am definitely having one of those 'I'm done having kids' days :)

Anywho, while I was at Target I of course was dragged into the dollar area because of all the cute Valentine's Day items they had! I love finding little trinkets to make Sienna baskets for the holidays and any other useful useless things I can find. They actually had a big Dora Rocks section so I grabbed way more items than I needed and was on my way to find more trouble. 

Sienna has really shown me how these terrible twos are supposed to work lately. And when you add her not feeling well to the mix,  it just makes things much worse. So once I got home from Target she started having a little meltdown and I was trying to take care of Daniel who really wasn't feeling well. I was in mayday mode trying to figure out what I could pull out and knew I had to go into the Valentine's Day bag of items just purchased....and whatdoyaknow! She's a different person! She loves her mommy and is so excited about the  Dora markers and notepad her amazing mommy just gave her!

So thank you Target Dollar Spot! You've inspired me to purchase lots of little knick-knacks that I can use in these 'need help' moments and other times as well! There are so many fun things! These markers and notepad cost me a whopping $2!!! That $2 bought me three different tantrum turnarounds $2 ever spent!

Oh and by the way, while I was roaming through Target I just had to stop in the storage section (which is probably how I forgot the detergent I also needed) and came across some fabulous finds for one of my 'Organize My Life' projects so please stay tuned :)


  1. I love the travelpacks they have that come with crayons stickers and a coloring book for a dollar they have angry birds and diego ones

    1. Those sound great! I will definitely need to look into those! Thanks for stopping by!