Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dough-lightfully Delicious!!

Last week I was able to have a much needed mommy's night out and take a sweet peek at the new Datz Dough gourmet bakery!

I was joined by my bestie, Vee, from One Social Brunette and we dined over doughnuts, gelato and bacon lattes! Yes, you read that correctly... a BACON latte :)

Anywho, when you walk into this place you feel like you are in a dream world. It's either because of the clouds painted on the ceiling or the rows of rainbow macarons staring me in the face...I'm not quite sure yet! 

They had the mural on the ceiling painted three times and it is perfection! With hot pink chandeliers and checkerboard floors who wouldn't want to just stay here all day? Once you get past the beauty of the place we can focus on the most important part...the dough of course!

The doughnuts are freshly baked in house and I had the most decadent Chocolate cake doughnut covered in chocolate ganache that I have ever eaten! As you can see Vee was so fortunate as to grab a Macadamia nut one! And what better to pair my doughnut with than a bacon latte? 

Are you ready for the skinny on the bacon latte? ha!

When I first laid eyes on this latte on the menu I thought, wow Datz has done it again! How could I not try it? So I went for it and it was divine! The bacon flavor was present but subtle enough to where the combination of maple syrup and the essence of bacon was flawless! Never had I expected it to be so amazing!

Here is me INDULGING in it...

We moved on over to the house churned gelato and I can only leave you with two words: peanut butter & Sriracha...ok so three words, but a must try! It doesn't even end there...they make over 300 loaves of bread weekly and have an amazing spread of assorted chocolates which you can see below...

This gem of a bakery is amazing and they have a whole menu that I have yet to explore! The best part of it all is that it's very close in proximity to my route that I take the kiddos jogging on in the heart of South Tampa, so I can already see myself stopping in for a treat after a grueling run! These kids are dough lovers just like their mother :)

Here is a pic of Vee & I before we left...can you spot the little piggy sugar bowls behind us?? 
Too cute!

Have you stopped in at Dough yet?

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