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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deux Nights In D.C.

After our weekend in Virginia we decided to spend two more nights in Washington D.C. so we could make a little vacation out of the trip....

We grabbed our strollers, sneakers, and snowcones and were off to see our nation's capitol!

One of our first stops was the National Mall and I did a little tour snapping pics with them in their strollers since that's as good as it was going to get...

Can't you see the excitement in their eyes? If you look closely you can see me making a cameo in a reflection (and it's not the pool) ;-)

I really wanted to go up to the Lincoln Memorial, but this was as far as we got. It was late in the day and both of the normally happy-go-lucky toddlers decided to have meltdowns...needless to say we flagged down the nearest cab to take us back to the hotel. 

So after a good night's sleep we decided to spend the next day in Georgetown. We met my bestie, Christina, and her family for breakfast at this cute French restaurant, Cafe Bonaparte. 

My breakfast crepe was delish and the chocolate criossants were eaten so fast I couldn't even snap a pic. 

Before our trip I had asked one of my favorite bloggers, Taza, for some tips on where to take the littles in DC since she used to live there. One of her top picks was the Georgetown Fountains, but our parade was rained on with the rainy day we encountered. Sure, I could have let them run through the fountains since we were already a little wet, but the mom in me did not want any sniffly babies on the plane ride the next day. 

So we snapped a pic and did what anyone else would do on a rainy morning in Georgetown...


OMG...can I please state that Georgetown Cupcake is the home of the best cupcake I have ever eaten!

Don't mind the rainy-day hair below...the last thing I had time to do was make sure I looked presentable when I had these little cakes of joy to look forward to :)

Sienna is the only toddler I know who eats her cupcakes with a fork! Cupcakes are seriously the way to her heart!

Sienna approved!

After we left Georgetown we skipped on over to Chinatown before heading back for a break at the hotel...

We stayed at the Sofitel, which was conveniently located near the White House.  The kiddos just loved looking out the window! I really love all of the architecture on the buildings in D.C.

Our trip to D.C. was short, but sweet! Perfect for juggling les deux!

Have you attempted Washington D.C. with toddlers? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Raspberry Creamsicles Recipe

All Things Popsicle Week has been so exciting! I think it's the nostalgia in eating popsicles that makes me feel like a kid all over again! I've had popsicle molds sitting in the back of my pantry for years and finally I found a reason to wash the dust off of them. And let's just say...I'm obsessed :)

So today I'm bringing you my new favorite popsicle recipe (even though fudgesicles are pretty close), Raspberry Creamsicles! I adapted this recipe that I saw the other day! We have been on a berry kick in this house the last couple of months so I brought home four raspberry containers the other day. This recipe is super easy and it's such a yummy treat! 

Here's what you'll need:

25-30 raspberries or 1/2 cup of raspberry purée 

1 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream 

1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream

1. Start off by puréeing the rasberries in the food processor or blender until smooth. 

2. Then I poured the purée through a strainer into a measuring cup to remove the seeds. This is optional, but Sienna is such a texture person I thought it would be best to leave them out. It should amount to 1/2 cup. If not just purée more raspberries. (Feel free to add in juice or water to liquify it a bit- I added a splash of Cran-raspberry juice.

3. Next mix the purée with 1 1/4 cups of vanilla ice cream until smooth. Pour or scoop this mixture into the molds  leaving space at the top for the cream.

4. In a separate bowl pour in 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream and whisk by hand or with your whisk attachment of your mixer until soft peaks forms. Top off each popsicle mold with the cream and freeze for 6 hours or so!

This recipe filled six small popsicle molds! Feel free to double or manipulate this recipe as needed!

These pops are DE-licious! The perfect summer treat! If you are eating healthy you could even sub in some frozen yogurt for the icecream and I'm sure they'd be great!

What's your favorite popsicle recipe I can add to my lineup?

Thanks for following along for All Things Popsicle Week, we had such a great time! You can click here, here, and here to catch up on all the festivities you may have missed!!

* This recipe was adapted from A Beautiful Mess

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All Things Popsicle Week!

clockwise from the top:
fruity pop // coin purse // iphone case // popsicle tee // necklace
Hello everyone!! I hope you had a long and relaxing holiday weekend! Even though summer technically hasn't started, it sure feels like it's already July around here! It always seems like Memorial Day is the perfect time to kick off summer in this Florida heat. And what better way to cool off than with an ice cold popsicle?
We LOVE popsicles in this house and it seems like lately I have been seeing popsicle swag everywhere. So I thought it would only be fitting to declare this week All Things Popsicle Week! I'll be posting popsicle-themed recipes, diy tutorials, and even popsicle fashion trends. 
Above are some cute popsicle goodies I found already. It seems like Kate Spade is really making their mark lately with these icy pops...Enjoy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dried Mango Chips

I couldn't be more excited that mango season is finally here!! I love the juicy fruit and they always remind me of when we went on vacation to South Florida as a child because the family friends we visited always had huge mango trees in their back yard.
For Christmas I decided to get Danny a food dehydrator as one of his gifts because he really takes pride in cooking and I knew he would love to make his own beef jerky. Now this gift really was meant for him, but I thought I would test it out with the mangoes I picked up from the local grocer the other day. 
Mangoes are such a difficult fruit to slice because of the awkward shaped pit, but after figuring out a great method, I threw them in the dehydrator and turned it on to 115 degrees. Now, initially I was following this recipe and it stated that it needed to dehydrate for 24 hours. When I went to check on it about 6-7 hours later the mango slices we dry, thin, and crispy! I think (well now I know) I sliced them too thin, but they were great for mango chips! 
Either way they were amazing! They were crispy when you bit into them, but melted in your mouth after! They were the perfect healthy snack to grab and were just like potato chips where you can't just have one :)
Check out this recipe here for a complete guide on dehydrating mangoes!
Do you know of any other fruits that are great in the dehydrator?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Daniel's First Birthday Mustache Bash!

Last month we celebrated Daniel's first birthday! To celebrate we threw a little man, mustache bash at a local waterfront park!! 

Of course I went over the top with my dessert table...We had cake, cupcakes, s'more pops (which by the way are the most amazing thing that has every crossed my mouth), and we couldn't forget the little man cigars...

Yes...they are chocolate covered pretzel rods in these fabulous cigar boxes
 my mother-in-law found for me :)

Here is my little man in his outfit :)

and my little lady in her romper...

We even Macgyvered a photo booth in the shelter...

Thanks to Aunt Kelly & Shane and the rest of the fam, everything was executed wonderfully!

This is my favorite picture of Sienna helping Daniel blow out his candle...

He was not a big fan of his smash cupcake...

Here are some fun shots my bestie's dad, Felix, took of me, my besties, and their babies...

And of course we had to attempt a family shot in our photo booth...

 ha! That's as good as it gets :)

Cake was from the lovely Michelle & printables were from Sour Punch Studio

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Insta Weekend!!!

Hello blogosphere!!! I'm back and it feels great :) These past two weeks I was a busy mama bee planning my little man's first birthday party, executing it, more celebration with a mini beach vacation, and doing everything else in between! Now I just need to fully catch up on Bloglovin and then it will be gravy.

Here are some snippets of what's been going on...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dough-lightfully Delicious!!

Last week I was able to have a much needed mommy's night out and take a sweet peek at the new Datz Dough gourmet bakery!

I was joined by my bestie, Vee, from One Social Brunette and we dined over doughnuts, gelato and bacon lattes! Yes, you read that correctly... a BACON latte :)

Anywho, when you walk into this place you feel like you are in a dream world. It's either because of the clouds painted on the ceiling or the rows of rainbow macarons staring me in the face...I'm not quite sure yet! 

They had the mural on the ceiling painted three times and it is perfection! With hot pink chandeliers and checkerboard floors who wouldn't want to just stay here all day? Once you get past the beauty of the place we can focus on the most important part...the dough of course!

The doughnuts are freshly baked in house and I had the most decadent Chocolate cake doughnut covered in chocolate ganache that I have ever eaten! As you can see Vee was so fortunate as to grab a Macadamia nut one! And what better to pair my doughnut with than a bacon latte? 

Are you ready for the skinny on the bacon latte? ha!

When I first laid eyes on this latte on the menu I thought, wow Datz has done it again! How could I not try it? So I went for it and it was divine! The bacon flavor was present but subtle enough to where the combination of maple syrup and the essence of bacon was flawless! Never had I expected it to be so amazing!

Here is me INDULGING in it...

We moved on over to the house churned gelato and I can only leave you with two words: peanut butter & Sriracha...ok so three words, but a must try! It doesn't even end there...they make over 300 loaves of bread weekly and have an amazing spread of assorted chocolates which you can see below...

This gem of a bakery is amazing and they have a whole menu that I have yet to explore! The best part of it all is that it's very close in proximity to my route that I take the kiddos jogging on in the heart of South Tampa, so I can already see myself stopping in for a treat after a grueling run! These kids are dough lovers just like their mother :)

Here is a pic of Vee & I before we left...can you spot the little piggy sugar bowls behind us?? 
Too cute!

Have you stopped in at Dough yet?