Sunday, April 28, 2013

Les Deux

Two babies means two of EVERYTHING...well almost everything! We have two of the same carseats two high chairs, two humidifiers, two cribs, and this week we developed two throat infections!! Sigh....

Danny was so upset when Sienna came down with a fever after Daniel had already been sick. I wasn't surprised...when one baby gets sick so does the other, it never fails! A couple of months ago we went through two stomach viruses and that experience has forever scarred me! I guess what doesn't break you only makes you stronger, right?

So this weekend we have been battling round the clock fevers and sore throats and Doc says it's viral so we have to let it work it's coarse...saddest thing ever! It's so horrible seeing your little babies sick and having to feel so helpless.

I usually let my friends know to remind me of these times when I talk about having a third! Ha! 
Love these two :) 

Do you have any tips on dealing with multiple sick children? 

P.S. the picture above was taken when we were celebrating my baby boy's first birthday at the beach! 

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