Thursday, April 4, 2013

Traveling With the Kiddos!


I can honestly say that I probably have every vacation from now until my children are eighteen years of age planned out. I love vacationing and I want to do a lot of it with the kiddos! Since we live in Florida we have the beach in our backyard, but my family has been doing beach vacations all my life.

This summer I want to take the babies on their first plane trip. I figured we should at least take advantage of flying one of the children for free before Daniel turns two. We are still in the works of planning things, but we are leaning toward Puerto Rico with the grandparents!

It seems like the best pick because a) the plane ride is fairly short (2.5hours), b) my dad lived there for many years so it is familiar territory, and c) we get a tropical vacation without having to do the passport thing just yet! So I'm hoping it all works out.

Now I really really REALLY want to take kids to the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos! If you know me well you know I've been talking about this vacation since before the kids were born, but I want to do this one with friends who also have children.
The resort is an all-inclusive paradise with Sesame Street characters running around...yes it's perfection! And there are plenty more vacations I have planned like the Florida Keys, a European cruise,Hawaii, California, NYC, blah blah blah :) I guess I need to work on that job eh?

While researching some tips on traveling with kids I found this handy little contraption... 


We will definitely be ordering these! It has five stars on Amazon which is comparable to Madonna telling me it's her favorite product!

Do you have any tips on traveling with the littles?

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  1. I too have every vacation planned from now until my children move out! I love to travel and am hoping I pass on that love to my children with the many adventures we go on over the years. That Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos looks amazing! Stopping by from SITS saturday sharefest.