Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer of Rompers

I think it's safe to say Sienna will be spending most of her time this summer in rompers! I love them, she feels like a princess in them...everyone's happy :) Every girl needs a Chambray romper in their wardrobe...This cute little Nautica romper was given to her for Daniel's birthday :) Yes, she got a lot of gifts on top of all his gifts that she considers hers as well.
^^^This Cherokee romper was picked out for Daniel's mustache bash.^^^
Here are a couple of cute ones I've seen in the stores:

And what better to pair all these rompers with than a pair of gold Saltwater Sandals...
We just bought Sienna new ones because she outgrew her first pair! Mommy also has a matching pair in gold :)
Mommy also just added these two rompers to her wardrobe:

Will you be taking part in the romper revolution this summer??

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Les Deux

Two babies means two of EVERYTHING...well almost everything! We have two of the same carseats two high chairs, two humidifiers, two cribs, and this week we developed two throat infections!! Sigh....

Danny was so upset when Sienna came down with a fever after Daniel had already been sick. I wasn't surprised...when one baby gets sick so does the other, it never fails! A couple of months ago we went through two stomach viruses and that experience has forever scarred me! I guess what doesn't break you only makes you stronger, right?

So this weekend we have been battling round the clock fevers and sore throats and Doc says it's viral so we have to let it work it's coarse...saddest thing ever! It's so horrible seeing your little babies sick and having to feel so helpless.

I usually let my friends know to remind me of these times when I talk about having a third! Ha! 
Love these two :) 

Do you have any tips on dealing with multiple sick children? 

P.S. the picture above was taken when we were celebrating my baby boy's first birthday at the beach! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Fashionable Little Man

My little man was dressed to the nines for his first birthday party! It was a 'Little Man-Mustache Bash' at the park so the bow tie and fedora were a must! I actually just sewed the bow tie right on to the tank since the overprotective mommy in me didn't feel it would be safe to have to have it wrapped around his neck :)

We already had the shoes and while shopping for the tank I came across the MUST-HAVE suspenders with the rolled up shorts. You can bet he will be wearing these puppies all summer long!

I really can't wait to show him these pictures later in life and hear the, "Really mom?" lol

Daniel is wearing head to toe H&M except for the bow tie which I scooped up in the Target Dollar Spot!

Did you have any fun birthday outfits for your little one's special day?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Insta Weekend!!!

Hello blogosphere!!! I'm back and it feels great :) These past two weeks I was a busy mama bee planning my little man's first birthday party, executing it, more celebration with a mini beach vacation, and doing everything else in between! Now I just need to fully catch up on Bloglovin and then it will be gravy.

Here are some snippets of what's been going on...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beachin' it on Easter!

I am so glad the beach weather is here! One thing us Floridians take advantage of is having the beach in our backyard so we were fortunate enough to head out to Fort De Soto Park on Easter Sunday. This was little Daniel's first time at the beach!

Of course he was scared of the sand...

But I know these kids are going to be beach bums if they are anything like their parents.
I LOVE the beach and can't wait for all of our vacations to come! 

Daniel turns ONE this week! We had a big mustache bash to celebrate this past weekend, but we are going to be continuing these festivities at the beach. This year has FLOWN by, but I guess time flies when you're having fun :) and busy with two babies...
Here are some more shots Easter Sunday...