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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap!

Well Valentine's Day came and went and we had an action packed day full of arts and crafts, cookies, and multiple photo shoot attempts. I had a ton planned for the special day, but with the kids getting over a week-long stomach bug we were left scrambling, but never bored :)

Danny was at work all day, but the kids woke up to heart shaped French toast and new tableware. It took Daniel a whole twenty seconds to figure out how to use a straw and there's no turning back now...I sometimes forget he will be a year old in two months...sniff...

Sienna worked on her valentines and colored in her new Dora coloring book for most of the morning...(thanks again Target dollar spot)! And after naps I attempted to do my super last minute 'We heart daddy' photo montage...which failed....miserably....

By the time I bribed Sienna into having a piece of chocolate to take a halfway decent picture it was already six o' clock and there was no way I could hit up the local Walgreen's to have them printed. I searched high and low and found two pieces of photo paper and tried to print them at home...which was another epic maybe by Father's Day we can have them done!

Daniel has this new thing where he loooves to pull everything out of every cabinet or toy bucket as soon as I put it all away...I tried really hard all day to keep the house tidy so Danny could come home to a clean house, but by seven o' clock and Daniel ripping apart my pantry for the ninth time that day I gave up...

After baths I set the table, lit a candle, opened a bottle of wine and Danny came home with Carrabbas take out!! We exchanged cards, had American Idol on in the background, and enjoyed our dinner with each of us holding a baby on our lap :)

Ohhhh how times have changed, but I wouldn't change our "life with les deux" for the world...


Friday, January 25, 2013

Organizing My Life...Yay!


Is it just me or does this photo make you take a deep breath and feel oh so relaxed? Well it's probably because my house needs a severe visit from the organizer bunny! This photo was taken from one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing . Jen is absolutely my idol! I hope that by the time these kiddos are 4 and 5 my obsessive compulsiveness will be so bad that my house will look just like this photo in every room. And I do realize that hope is not a strategy...

On that note this year I plan to do some heavy organizing in my home. I know, I know, that's everyone's goal for the new year, but I really have no choice! Like I mentioned,  the past three years have consisted of being pregnant, having babies, fully remodeling our kitchen, turning an addition gone bad into a dining room, and creating baby rooms out of the two spare bedrooms in our home. So right now every cabinet or closet door you look behind looks like an episode of hoarders (ok maybe a little exaggeration), but I really have no place to put anything!! The good thing is we created the extra dining room with a laundry/broom closet area as well. So once I started getting all my essential pieces...everything will be falling into place!

I really love organizing and I am super excited to start this venture!! And don't worry I will definitely be keeping you posted throughout this new journey :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Astroturf Play Area

Last month my family and I took a mini vaca to the most magical place on earth--yep! You guessed it! Disney World!!! I am SUCH a big kid so of course I usually am the most excited one for these vacations...especially since my children really have no idea what Disney World really is....
Anywho, we make it a tradition to venture around Downtown Disney the day before we visit the park to get some fun Disney swag and t-shirts for the kiddos! While there, we stumbled across this cute little grassy area made out of astroturf that we thought would be a perfect stop with kiddos to release some energy.
They loved it as you can see and I was joking around with Danny that we should totally put a plot of this in our backyard for the kiddos....

HAHA it was a joke, I'm a daydreamer, but once we got back Danny had different plans. He came home with all the supplies to lay an astroturf play area for the kiddos with their own white picket fence so the dogs don't...ahem..."disrupt" the turf ;)


Supervising with Uncle Er 

                                   Whaddaguy!!! He really gets Dad of the year for this one :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thank You, An Open Letter

There is no way I could start this blog without taking the time to thank all of the people that helped or inspired me in order to get this blog off the ground! It has been in the works for months, and by ‘in the works’ I mean in the back of my head J So let’s get started:

Vee, my best sista-friend since age 4 and proud owner of OneSocial Brunette, without you this blog would not be in existence! Thank you for helping me get bit by the blog bug and teaching me all the ropes to get started! I am so excited for the ventures we have ahead of us in baby-raising and blogging J Love you boo!

Next I would like to thank Whit, my blog designer and proud owner of WhitSpeaks Blog Design.  I can’t thank you enough for listening to what my vision was and transforming it into this beautiful blog! You put up with my crazy/perfectionist-self for almost two weeks and again without your help my blog wouldn't be here today!

And last, but not least, the wonderful ladies on my blogroll: Taza, Joy, Megan, Jen,
A Beautiful Mess Team, and Small FryTeam.  You ladies have truly been such an inspiration to me! Whether it’s to stop by for pure entertainment or a dose of inspiration…I always come back for more!
Gracias Ladies!

                                                            love, christina

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yay!! Welcome To My Blog!!

                                         photo taken by Kimberly Hunter Photography

At some point in our lives we have all thought about having children. Some of us ponder if we are going to have children, when we will have children, how many children we will have, or even what gender they will be. I've definitely thought about it all, but one thing I didn't contemplate, was how far apart my children would be in age.
In the past two years Danny and I have been blessed with two beautiful babies only 16 months apart, Sienna (who just turned two), and Daniel (who is 9 months). Having children is life changing. Never did I imagine I could feel such a strong love for something so small, and twice none the less. I've been fortunate enough to stay home with them and spend hours round the clock at their beck and call. Now I'm not going to lie, these past nine months have been such a whirlwind! They have been some of the most trying times of our lives. But nothing beats seeing the love these babies have for each other as they topple over trying to give each other hugs and kisses (which I know will soon turn into wrestling).
Aside from raising the kiddos we have managed to embark on major home renovations, gone on exciting vacations, and everything you can imagine in between! So stay tuned to the many adventures of our life with les deux :)

                                                                    love, Christina