Monday, January 14, 2013

Yay!! Welcome To My Blog!!

                                         photo taken by Kimberly Hunter Photography

At some point in our lives we have all thought about having children. Some of us ponder if we are going to have children, when we will have children, how many children we will have, or even what gender they will be. I've definitely thought about it all, but one thing I didn't contemplate, was how far apart my children would be in age.
In the past two years Danny and I have been blessed with two beautiful babies only 16 months apart, Sienna (who just turned two), and Daniel (who is 9 months). Having children is life changing. Never did I imagine I could feel such a strong love for something so small, and twice none the less. I've been fortunate enough to stay home with them and spend hours round the clock at their beck and call. Now I'm not going to lie, these past nine months have been such a whirlwind! They have been some of the most trying times of our lives. But nothing beats seeing the love these babies have for each other as they topple over trying to give each other hugs and kisses (which I know will soon turn into wrestling).
Aside from raising the kiddos we have managed to embark on major home renovations, gone on exciting vacations, and everything you can imagine in between! So stay tuned to the many adventures of our life with les deux :)

                                                                    love, Christina

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