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Friday, May 24, 2013

Are You Wearing Your Mommy Shorts?


Last week I came across an article called 21 Acts of Parental Brilliance that was a little life-changing for me. Then this week while perusing through Babble's Instagram feed, I came across a mom blog called Mommy Shorts! At this point it all came full circle...The article was written by Ilana from Mommy Shorts! She is also the mommy behind the new trend called Baby Mugging, where you take a picture of your baby while they are lying down, and the mug is close to the camera so it looks like the baby is actually in the mug :) Genius!

Well Ilana's blog is genius and HILARIOUS! I literally laugh at loud with every post I read and am so happy I found Mommy Shorts-it was love at first laugh :)

So while reading her blog I cam across a hilarious video from a series by Matthew Clarke where they enact a conversation with a two year old, only the two year old is being played by a grown man! I couldn't stop laughing and if you have a two year old at home this video will surely give you a good chuckle or two after a long day with them. 

Ha! I can completely relate since from time to time Sienna calls me "Mommy Princess." 

Two really is the cutest age to listen and laugh :)