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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gold House Paper & Press

In my house greeting cards are always needed. Whether we have a baby to celebrate, a birthday, a wedding, or maybe just to say thanks, it seems like I am constantly running to the store at the last minute to pick up a card. There is even that small percentage of the time where I manage taking both the kids to the store to pick out a gift and get all the way home just to realize I forgot the card. Unfortunately, hand-made cards by the kids can only get you so far...

Recently I found an online shop called Gold House Paper & Press. The cards are so adorable and most of them are hand illustrated by the owner of the shop, Megan Mercier. If you can find the time to plan ahead you will be able to find a beautiful card for your special occasions that is reasonably priced compared to some of the nice cards in the stores these days!

Gold House Paper & Press has items for every occasion! They also have stationery sets, art prints, fun gifts, and more!

I am such a fan!

Disclosure: We were sent samples of these cards, but all of these opinions are my own.