Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Highchair Ever- Ikea Antilop

Ok, so this post is for all the expectant mommas out there or ones who are sick of scraping the crevices of  your child's highchair to remove the grimy food that your little one leaves behind...and of course the mommy on a budget as well!
I wanted to tell you about the best highchair I have ever owned...Ikea's Antilop highchair! 
No...I am not getting paid or given anything else to write this, I simply feel really passionate about this plastic contraption that has given me a better quality of life :)

I have been through a couple of highchairs with les deux and they both happened to be the space-savers that you can attach to a chair. Sienna's was great, but it was pink along with every other baby item I owned so I decided that we needed a new one for Daniel. Not to mention Sienna still used hers well after he was born since she wasn't even two yet.  Daniel's space-saver was great as well, but it had these darn crevices that food would just get stuck in and it would require hosing off with the nozzle on the highest power to get the guck out. And at nine months, both of my children decided they didn't want to be spoon-fed so we all know how that goes. 
Once we remodeled our dining room I decided to get these fabulous white tufted leather (I know...white leather with two toddlers? I'm crazy) chairs and there was no way I was going to let those beauties get indented by the space saver. 
So....I did some research and decided to go to Ikea and spend the $25 on this highchair and tray and not look back...
Months later, I haven't looked back because I love it! It is so easy to clean and not overly bulky so it fits nicely at the table. It is also really light weight so we were able to bring it to the park for Daniel's birthday party!
The only problem is that a lot of highchairs these days accommodate infants to eat their rice cereal when they are young....and  I wouldn't recommend this chair for a baby under 5-6 months, but these days we have so many other sitting contraptions for them, that it's possible to make it work!
If you don't want to go out and fork over an arm and a leg on a modern highchair that is easy peasy to clean, this one will do the job!!!
P.S. The tray is sold separately so don't forget it while you go grab it!
P.S.S. Because of its extremely lightweight frame, your toddler (most likely your boy) may think it's fun to flip it around the house and climb on it....just a warning...

Do you have a highchair that you absolutely LOVE?


  1. The craziest thing about this post is that I gave this same advice to my expectant coworker! I can attest that some of the modern & comfy looking highchairs we go for produce the most headaches! That was my baby registry fail item. I sent her the link earlier & I believe the price is $19.99 right now! Call me crazy but that is reason enough for me to make the trip this weekend & follow your advice. Great post! xoxo - Vee

    1. Yes! This chair has so many great reviews I wish I would have given it the time of day while registering! If any parent has somewhere to feed their infant in the early stages then this is for them!!! Can't wait to hear how you like it! Xo!!

  2. Okay, this comment has nothing to do with the high chair...although I, too, have heard great things about it.

    Can I just say I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog? Some of your posts have made me laugh because I have SO been there. I have a girl and a boy who are ALMOST thirteen months apart. So, I feel ya. I hear ya. We flew and lived in England for six weeks when my little guy was just six months. Talk about nuts. But anyway, it's fun to see other mamas making it work :)

    1. Hi Karim! So glad you stumbled along! 13 months apart?!? And I thought I had it hard!! Yes these times are really crazy, but there are lots of laughs which make up for it :) it really is comforting to see other moms doing it too!!