Monday, March 25, 2013

Egg Hunting We Will Go!

Can we talk about mom brain for a second here? So Saturday morning Sienna and I were putting out some of our Easter decorations and enjoying our morning without plans (clearly still in pjs) when all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks: EASTER EGG HUNT! The annual Easter Egg Hunt at the local YMCA was either going on at that moment or it was next Saturday... I hurried and dialed the number to the YMCA and sure enough it was going on at that moment! Total MOM BRAIN!! How could I forget the fun Easter Egg Hunt that not only Sienna, but Daniel could participate in this year?? Well luck was on our side Saturday morning because in 45 minutes there was going to be another Egg hunt for their age group! We scurried to get ready and made it with time to spare....phew! You see, I'm a big kid at heart and want to make sure I can do as many fun things with my kids as humanly's only normal right?

Since the egg hunt was so last minute it was just me with the two of them since Danny works every Saturday, but it turned out great! They were only allowed four eggs per child which was a good rule, but we were finished about five feet in!


They were both scared to take pictures with the Easter bunny so we stuck with some arts and crafts after...I'm so glad we made it and that I remembered! I know I would have been kicking myself had we missed it!

Has anyone else had any eggciting Easter fun yet?

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