Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day at Busch Gardens With Toddlers

Hi guys! Today you can find us guest posting over at Tampa Bay Moms Blog! We are talking about venturing out to Busch Gardens with the kiddos! 

Happy Reading!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bathroom Must-Haves For Your Baby

This morning we were invited to do a segment on our local news station FOX 13's morning show, Good Day Tampa Bay. The segment focused on some of our favorite must-haves for babies that you'll find in the bathroom.
Click here to see what we had to say :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beauty Box Bandwagon

Some of you may have noticed that I jazzed up the blog a little and added some fun new labels to my sidebar. Life with les deux can really be overwhelming and sometimes I just need a bit of space so I added a mommy time section that focuses on everything for moi!

Anywho, the other night I was amazed by a celebrity's makeup and was lead to a YouTube beauty tutorial. Now this was my first time EVER watching a video beauty tutorial and...I was amazed! I couldn't stop watching and was in awe at how beautiful the makeup artist looked after ten minutes of makeup application! What really amazed me was how behind in the beauty game I am! Highlighter isn't just for brushing on your cheekbones anymore people!! Sure I would be able to mimic the application, but I don't own a quarter of the products she used in the video and if I purchased half of them I probably wouldn't be allowed home ;-)

So I found myself looking at beauty subscription services again. I've glanced at the box craze before, but didn't think I needed it. Now I am starting to realize it may be helpful for me to step up my game in the makeup world. Let's be honest, I have two toddlers (yes I said it....not babies...toddlers) that keep me incredibly busy and I don't have a lot of time to spend researching the latest beauty trends.

Sooooooo...I've gone ahead and compiled a couple of beauty box subscriptions that appeal to me:

1. Birchbox: This is one of the first beauty boxes that hit the scene. Every month you will get a selection of samples from different beauty brands. Boxes for women run $10/month.

2. Glossybox: This box is taking the lead so far because every month you receive 5-6 luxury-sized products. The bigger sizes are nice, but it's a little pricier at $21/month.

3. Ipsy: This subscription is neat because every month you'll get a makeup bag filled with personalized products. The products seem to be more of a full size as well and this bag runs $10/month. 

4. NewBeauty Test Tube: This tube is another fun option! For $26.95 you will receive a test tube full of beauty products and samples six times a year as well as a subscription to their magazine which you will receive quarterly.


Have you jumped on the beauty box bandwagon and if so which one did you choose?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Bookworms

Lately the kids having been loving going to the library. I have been making an effort to take them to story time every week since my local library offers a lot of different day and time options! After story time we take some time to read or checkout books and of course chase the kiddos down the aisles...

It really makes me happy how excited Sienna gets when we are going or when it's time to read our library books! There's nothing better than hearing her say, "Mommy get the library book bag and let's go!"

This week we checked out the perfect book for Father's Day called I Love My Daddy  by Sebastien Braun. Sienna picked it and loves it since she is such a daddy's girls. 

Have you checked out the reading programs for children at your library?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is right around the corner and if you are a busy, procrastinating mom like me you probably haven't picked up a gift for the father in your life. I've been scouring the web and came across some gifts that  would make a popular gift for every dad...

(Clockwise from the top)

1. Chillsner Beer Chilling Set-This is one of my favorite gifts from the guide! These frozen chillers fit perfectly inside your beer bottle and allow to you drink the beer while it stays ICY cold the entire time! I may just order these once I'm done with this post and hope it gets here in time...I would Danny would love these ;-)

2. Classic Checkered Skinny Tie- Every man needs a skinny tie in their wardrobe. My dad nor Danny own one so now may be the time to help them with their dad swag!

3. Nike Men's Heritage Golf Shoe- Do you have a dad in your life that just golfs occasionally? This shoe seems perfect! I'm sure there are plenty of golf shoes with a heftier price tag, but these seem great to wear out to the driving range.

4. Field Trip All Natural Beef Jerky- What guy doesn't love beef jerky? This jerky is low fat and all natural, leaving out all those pesky preservatives and additives. I'm sure any dad would just dive right in!

5.  The Big Green Egg-If you have a dad or a husband who loves to smoke their food and barbecue, chances are you've heard them talk about the Big Green Egg smoker or they already own it. If you want to be considered daughter/son/wife of the year...this gift will buy you that title ;-)

Happy Shopping!